EFCNI to strengthen parents

Preemie taken from the incubator by his mother

One of EFCNI's aims is to strengthen parents of preterm or newborn infants with illnesses throughout Europe and worldwide.

Therefore, EFCNI supports and cooperates with the different national and global parents' organizations and assists in setting up national parents' organizations where missing.

On the following pages, EFCNI provides more detaild information on preterm birth for parents and others interested in prematurity and introduces the different national as well as global parents' organizations.

Suddenly parents with many unanswered questions

When a child is born prematurely, parents are often faced with the situation of suddenly becoming parents much earlier than expected. Many feel completely helpless and have no information. They may not have thought about the answers to questions such as "What shall we call our child?" or "How much maternity leave should I take?"

Other questions occur to them spontaneously as a result of the situation they suddenly find themselves in:

  • Why does the monitor beep continuously?
  • Will I be able to breast-feed my child at all?
  • Does my child know when I am there and how can I touch him without hurting him?
  • Has this happened to anyone else?

It is just as frightening when a child is born at normal term but is ill or there are complications.

  • Will our child recover?
  • What consequences will the illness have for our child and for us?
  • Who can I turn to and where can I get help and support?

As European foundation for the care of preterm and newborn infants with illnesses, we know from our own experience and scientific evidence, how important it is to have these questions answered as quickly as possible. It is important for affected families to receive help and support from the start, wherever they live in Europe.

On our website, you will find contact details of the national parents' organizations providing support in your country. Please do not hesitate to contact them if you need support or advice.

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