EFCNI Position paper / Toolkits / Policy Papers

As the voice of preterm infants and their families, our work relies on educating the general public, raising awareness for preterm birth and promoting the issue with professional and political stakeholders. Together with our partners, we are determined to put our vision into practise, we, therefore, work on a variety of projects, like e.g. awareness and information on RSV prevention, optimal neonatal parenteral nutrition and the NICU web camera systems project.

Human milk banks – developing recommendations for the operation of human milk banks

Human milk regulation – advocating the need for human milk regulation in the European Union

Parenteral nutrition – position paper highlights the importance of this life-saving treatment for very preterm and ill babies

Respiratory syncytial virus – position paper recommends preventive measures to reduce the number of infections in preterm and ill infants

Web camera systems in neonatal intensive care – advantages, challenges and requirements

Respiratorisches Synzytialvirus (RSV) - Krankheitslast, Herausforderungen und Chancen bei Kindern im D/A/CH-Raum