Publications from third parties

Regulation of Donor Human Milk at European level: a new bridge for successful breastfeeding of sick preterm infants (English) Download

World Prematurity Day 2020: “Together for babies born too soon—Caring for the future” (English) Download

World Prematurity Day: improving survival and quality of life for millions of babies born preterm around the world (English) Download

World health observances in November 2020: adult and pediatric pneumonia, preterm birth, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in focus (English) Download

Preterm birth and the lungs (English) Download

Naissance prématurée et poumons – fiche (French) Download

Frühgeburt und die Lunge – Informationsblatt (German) Download

“Preterm birth and the lungs” (Greek) Download

Nascita pretermine e polmoni (Italian) Download

Poród przedwczesny a pluca (Polish) Download

Parto pré-termo e saúde respiratória (Portuguese) Download

Preterm birth and the lungs” (Russian) Download

Los nacimientos prematuros y los pulmones (Spanish) Download

The importance of the right fatty acids in infant nutrition products (English)                                                                                                                                                                                  Download

WHO factsheets

The World Health Organisation (WHO) provides a full range of factsheets on newborn and maternal health related topics as well as on prematurity.

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