Human Milk Matters - Human Milk Cares
Our awareness campaign for the value of human milk

Human milk contains numerous protective components, which are incredibly beneficial for the babies’ growth and development – especially for babies born preterm or sick.
With the Human Milk Matters – Human Milk Cares campaign, we are raising awareness for the enormous health benefits for babies born preterm or sick. We also highlight the nutritional value of mother’s own milk and the important role donor milk and human milk banks play. We believe it is important to inform parents, professionals and political decision-makers about the benefits and the great value of human milk.

Key features of this campaign are:

  • Providing facts and further information on human milk
  • Giving insights behind the scenes of milk banks and safe milk donation
  • Experts recommendations and statements
  • Experiences of milk donors and former patients
  • Highlighting the safety aspect and the need for an EU regulation and EU-wide standardised practices
  • The role of fortification to meet the high and complex nutritional needs of very preterm babies
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EFCNI warmly thanks the Union of European Neonatal & Perinatal Societies (UENPS), for their great support and collaboration:

The Human Milk Matters – Human Milk Cares campaign was independently developed and is powered by EFCNI.

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