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27 February 2020 / news research

RECAP Winter School: Registration now open

Are you a researcher in the fields of neonatology or epidemiology who wishes to learn how to use data from cohorts and registers? Then join the RECAP Winter School from...
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26 February 2020 / news research

Professor Dieter Wolke wins award for Distinguished Contributions to British Developmental Psychology

Professor Dieter Wolke from the University of Warwick  receives the award for Distinguished Contributions to British Developmental Psychology. With his work Professor Wolke is doing invaluable research on how preterm...
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24 February 2020 / news research

RECAP preterm: the ACTION cohort

The main idea behind the Italian ACTION (ACcess To Intensive Obstetrical and Neonatal care) follow-up project was to assess the outcomes of every very preterm birth occurring in a given...
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04 February 2020 / news research

New study HAPP-e is looking for participants from all over the world

Studying the health of adults born preterm is the aim of the EU-funded study HAPP-e, which has been recently launched. Focus point of HAPP-e is an electronic cohort. Researchers will...
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20 January 2020 / news research

Lifeline for preterm babies – funding announced for new stem cell research

What role can stem cells play in regenerating a damaged brain caused by preterm birth? The new project PREMSTEM, in which EFCNI is taking part, researches if stem cells can...
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16 December 2019 / news research

Retinopathy of prematurity – not only an acute condition? An interview with Professor Armin Wolf

Interview with Professor Armin Wolf, Deputy Hospital Director, Eye Hospital, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) is a condition that is found in the eyes of very preterm born babies....
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25 November 2019 / news research

Single-family rooms vs. open-bay unit: new study reveals differences in psychological well-being of parents of very preterm babies depending on type of NICU design

In a study from Norway, researchers compared depression, anxiety, stress and attachment scores in parents of very preterm babies who were accommodated either in a single-family room (SFR) or in...
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15 October 2019 / news research

Enteral nutrition: how to support growth and development of preterm and ill newborns safely

Interview with Dr Corinna Gebauer, University Hospital Leipzig, Germany If a preterm baby or a hospitalized newborn cannot be fed normally, because they are not yet able to coordinate sucking...
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13 September 2019 / news research

Series of RECAP cohorts – part 6: Follow-up of the POPS cohort in the Netherlands

Dr Sylvia van der Pal & Professor Erik Verrips In 1983, a unique nationwide cohort of 1.338 very preterm (below 32 weeks of gestation) or VLBW (birth weight below 1500...
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13 September 2019 / news research

Applying a “living guidelines” approach to keep recommendations up to date

How can the WHO most efficiently keep its global recommendations up to date? BMJ Global Health has recently published the insightful article "Developing and applying a 'living guidelines' approach to...
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