A healthy start in life requires a healthy pregnancy beforehand. A proportion of preterm births and other pregnancy complications can be prevented by simple interventions. High-quality antenatal care and a healthy lifestyle before and during pregnancy can prevent a baby from being born too soon or ill.

Our brochure “A healthy pregnancy” – everything you need to know about how to stay healthy during pregnancy

Antenatal care – standard examinations and tests to effectively prevent pregnancy complications

Foetal programming – how environmental factors, nutrition and health status of the mother can alter gene expressivity in unborn babies

Medications during pregnancy – which medication is safe to take

Lifestyle Factors – habits, hobbies, and behaviour that can influence the mother’s and baby’s health

Pregnancy complications – diseases and conditions that may increase the risk for pregnancy complications

Multiples – everything pregnant women need to know when they are expecting multiples

Becoming parents is wonderful – but not always easy!

Breastfeeding – the best nutrition for a healthy development of the baby

Prevention of preterm birth by pre-conceptional, antenatal and maternal care, and lifestyle modifications

Medically Assisted Reproduction (MAR)