Parenteral Nutrition

Parenteral nutrition is a life-saving therapy for some preterm and sick newborns but can be accompanied by certain risks. While evidence-based recommendations on how to provide safe and optimal parenteral nutrition are available, the practical implementation may deviate from these recommendations. With this newly developed factsheet, we provide healthcare professionals with comprehensive advice on safety measures and recommendations for an optimal and safe parenteral nutrition according to the evidence-based guidelines.

For a thorough introduction to parenteral nutrition for preterm and sick newborns, please consult our new factsheet, available in English and German, aimed at healthcare professionals. It addresses:

  • Why parenteral nutrition is important for preterm infants
  • An overview of components of parenteral nutrition
  • The differences between standardised and individualised parenteral nutrition and their benefits
  • The process from indication to administration
  • Risk management
  • And comprehensible communication with parents


Download factsheet on parenteral nutrition (English edition)

Factsheet Parenterale Ernährung zum Download (Deutsche Fassung)


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