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EFCNI provides an extensive collection of medical and health information around pregnancy, birth and follow up. In our research news section you can find comprehensible summaries of new research articles that concern newborn health and in particular issues around preterm birth. This section also includes help and advise around all stages of having a baby, from pregnancy to following up on your baby when she or he is discharged from the hospital.

Research News – summaries of latest research articles on preterm birth and more

Preconception health – what you can do to stay healthy when you are planning to become pregnant

Pregnancy – good antenatal care and a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy can reduce the risk of complications

Key facts preterm birth – defining preterm birth and explaining causes and risks

In hospital – everything you need to know about the care of preterm babies in the hospital

Going home – when will your preterm baby be released from the hospital and how to prepare for it

Growing up – how to improve the long-term outcomes for preterm babies

COVID-19 – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) concerning maternal and newborn health