EFCNI Campaigns

Raising awareness and increasing our impact is what our campaigns are about.  Yet, we also support our partner parent organisations by providing campaign materials they can use to inform and activate their own networks. Our campaigns are either centred around special awareness days, e.g. World Prematurity Day, or general issues like hand hygiene or health education, or around pregnancy-related conditions like pre-eclampsia or special diseases like ROP. We aim to inform, empower and support parents and carers of preterm born children, families,  parent groups, medical experts, educators, political decision-makers and many more. Click on the tiles below to have a look and get involved!

World Prematurity Day on 17 November – the most important day of the year to raise awareness of preterm birth

Starker Start für kleine Helden – supports neonatal intensive care units in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland on World Prematurity Day

11 Months – 11 Topics: EFCNI’s social media campaign focusing on a special topic on 11 months of the year

Our awareness campaign for the benefits and value of human milk

Our ROP campaign informs about retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) that can cause blindness in premature babies

Our awareness campaign about the health risks of pertussis (the whooping cough) for babies - and possible preventive measures

Our campaign to promote healthy nutritional choices before and during pregnancy as well as in the child's first years of life.

Our RSV awareness campaign about the health risks and signs & symptoms of RSV and potential preventative measures to protect all infants.

Our pre-eclampsia awareness campaign: act early! screen early!

Wash your hands – it’s easy: an EFCNI initiative to promote proper hand hygiene amongst children and adolescents

World Breastfeeding Week – a joint campaign by international organisations to promote the benefits of breastfeeding

Our RSV awareness campaign for the very smallest and medically fragile - preterm infants or those with heart or lung disease