A healthy pregnancy - the brochure

The content provided in this section about pregnancy and maternal health is based on the EFCNI pregnancy brochure “Gesund schwanger. Alles, was jetzt wichtig ist” and “Healthy Pregnancy. All that matters now”. We would like to thank the editors, authors and supporters for their generous help and valuable input to gather all important information for a healthy pregnancy.

What will await me?

What to eat?

What to drink?

Can I still do sports?

What is expected from me?

Where do I have to be careful?

Most parents-to-be immediately have thousands of questions in mind when they know they will soon become a mother, a father. Life is changing from one moment to the next and will never be the same again, once the life of a couple will become that of a whole family.

EFCNI developed a pregnancy brochure together with many experts to provide expecting parents with the most important information about how to have a healthy pregnancy – to give newborns the best start in life.

Editors: Prof. Dr med. Dietmar Schlembach, Prof. Kypros Nicolaides, Silke Mader, Nicole Thiele

Authors: Prof. Dr med. Michael Abou Dakn, PD Dr med. habil Karl Heinz Brisch, Prof. Dr med. Thomas Dimpfl, Jennifer Jaque-Rodney, Prof. Dr med. Jörg Dötsch, Dr med. Klaus Doubek, Prof. Dr med. Joachim W. Dudenhausen, Prof. Dr med. Klaus Friese, Prof. Moshe Hod, Prof. Dr med. habil. h.c. Udo B. Hoyme, Prof. Dr med. Karl Oliver Kagan, Prof. Dr med. Franz Kainer, Dr med Anil Kapur, Dr Wolf Kirschner, Prof. Dr med. Berthold Koletzko, Stephanie Polus, Prof. Dr med. Christof Schaefer, Doris Scharrel, Prof. Dr med. Dietmar Schlembach, Dr med. Christiane Schiffner, Gabriele Stenz,  PD Dr med. Stefan Verlohren, Prof. Dr med. Klaus Vetter.

We kindly thank our project partners: Bübchen, Nestlé, Philips Avent, ThermoFisher