Private Supporters

We thank our Private Supporters for their kind support.

Training Manager Neonatal Care at Dräger Academy, Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA

I work for a company whose guiding principle is “Technology for Life”.

Everyday my job is all about incubators, ventilators and other medical devices that are used to care for preterm babies.

I have visited many hospitals around the world teaching how to use our equipment. I know how important the aims and objectives of EFCNI are and I feel passionate about supporting them in any way I can.

Chairman of the Board of Wörner Medizinprodukte Holding GmbH
Chairman EMVIA LIVING Gruppe

The most vulnerable of all human beings are preterm infants, who sometimes are born with a weight of only 1,000 grams, 500 grams or even less. Some recover fully, others remain disabled for the rest of their lives.

For these little babies the most intensive care in the hours, weeks, months or even years after birth is not only necessary for their immediate survival but also crucial to their disposition for their entire lives.

My wife and I founded the “Carry Each Other Foundation for Preterm Children” to help a little bit in this very process through the financing of particular medical and social projects.

The foundation mainly supports EFCNI, the first organisation which not only initiates outstanding projects for the children but also gives this extremely important matter a voice on a European level.

Chairman of the Board of Vivacon AG

As a father of three healthy children, I would like to help those families who had a difficult start into parenthood. Right from the beginning, these families need support, care and information, to be able to handle their new and difficult situation.

As a successful entrepreneur, I know that helping these families can only be made possible through financial means. The support of EFCNI is important to me, because the foundation adresses the needs of Europe’s largest group of child patients. I would like to encourage you to assist us in helping that all preterm and newborn infants with illnesses have a better start in life!

Chairman of the Board of Colonia Real Estate AG

As a father of three healthy children, it is very important to me being among the supporters of EFCNI. As a family person, I concentrate particularly on organisations focusing on the improvement of our children’s living conditions. As with most multiple births, our twins were born too early. After almost one week in the incubator, however, they both developed very well.

With this experience in mind, I would like to help generating public awareness for preterm infants and newborn infants with illnesses. It requires many people, enterprises and organisations as well as politics in order to give these small children the best possible care in their lives and to provide their families with the necessary support. As Chairman of the Board of one of the largest residential real estate companies in Germany, the individual is already the centre of my work. I would now like to use my diverse contacts in economy and politics to support EFCNI.

How to become a Private Supporter

You would like to become a Private Supporter of EFCNI and thus help us in decreasing the preterm birth rate and in supporting the smallest of the small as well as their families?

Please do not hesitate to contact our Chairwoman of the Executive Board, Mrs. Silke Mader, for further information.