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21 March 2023

Protocol for the effectiveness evaluation of the antenatal parenting programme “Baby Steps” on maternal outcomes: A Born in Broadford’s Better Start (BiBBS) study

Poor mental health during pregnancy and shortly after birth can have severe consequences for parents and children, requiring public health interventions to prevent psychological distress and achieve optimal health outcomes....
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08 February 2023

Health-related quality of life in very and extremely preterm born children at the age of five years

A European study with more than 3600 participants measured how health-related quality of life in children at the age of five is affected by extreme and very preterm birth. The...
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11 January 2023

Keeping parents and their babies close – results of an international study on implementation, facilitators, and barriers in neonatal units

Family integrated care (FICare) is important for parent and infant health. A recent study gives an overview of current facilitators and barriers to parent-infant closeness and zero-separation in hospitals in...
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15 December 2022

Parent-support intervention in end-of-life-care at a neonatal intensive care unit in China

A study conducted at a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) in China investigated the impact of parental involvement in the end-of-life-care (EOLC) of their preterm infants on parental depression and...
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09 December 2022

Experiences on delivery and breastfeeding practices in Beijing, China during Covid-19

A Chinese study compared women’s experiences who delivered before and during the lockdown regarding feeding practices and childbearing. Interestingly, breastfeeding was seemingly positively influenced by the lockdown, the study from...
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11 November 2022

Mothers’ experiences of early skin-to-skin contact vs. traditional separation approach after a very preterm birth

Researchers in Norway explored experiences of mothers of very preterm children regarding early skin-to-skin contact vs. a traditional separation approach. Mothers benefited from skin-to-skin contact as it ensured them the...
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09 November 2022

Effects of growth differences during twin pregnancy on later life

Researchers from the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) in the Netherlands found that children who have received less nutrients during pregnancy compared to their identical twin sibling have a higher...
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27 October 2022

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health and quality of life in children and adolescents

With the use of an online questionnaire, more than 5000 families in the region of South Tyrol, Italy, were asked about the consequences of the first year of the COVID-19...
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19 October 2022

Relation between vaginal hygiene practices and spontaneous preterm birth

Researchers from the Netherlands wanted to find out if there is an association between vaginal hygiene practices before and during pregnancy and spontaneous preterm birth. As one of the results,...
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22 September 2022

Global trends in preterm birth from 1990-2019

In a recent study from China, data from the 2019 Global Burden of Disease study have been analysed to show trends in preterm birth. Deaths and incident cases decreased globally,...
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