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09 September 2021

What parents want to know about their preterm baby’s care

Researchers explored the knowledge needs and skills acquisition of parents during their baby’s neonatal intensive care stay in California, USA. The study revealed differences in the learning needs and skills...
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06 September 2021

Parental knowledge of respiratory infections in preterm infants

A survey among parents regarding their understanding of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and other respiratory infections in preterm babies showed a highly established knowledge. Most parents consider RSV illness a...
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09 August 2021

Health-related quality of life among Ethiopian pregnant women during COVID-19 pandemic

Several studies revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic has increased stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression. Additionally, previous studies have shown that social support during pregnancy has a positive impact on...
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02 August 2021

Benefits of healthy lifestyle interventions in improving maternal and infant health outcomes

The review reports evidence from meta-analyses on smoking cessation, alcohol reduction, diet and physical activity at reducing the risk of adverse health outcomes. The outcomes vary, yet diet and physical...
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06 July 2021

Changes in thresholds for treatment of extremely preterm infants – a study among neonatal experts in the UK

Through an online survey among UK neonatal staff, the thresholds and viability for treatment of extremely preterm infants (EPIs) were evaluated. Respondents reported a median grey zone for neonatal resuscitation...
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02 July 2021

Mistreatment of newborns after childbirth in health facilities in Nepal

An observational cohort study addresses the evidence gap on the mistreatment of newborns in hospitals in Nepal. The majority of the included newborns received some unnecessary or not-consented medical intervention,...
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03 June 2021

Association between maternal HIV infection and preterm birth

The treatment of HIV with antiretroviral therapies (ARTs) has improved people’s quality of life and extended their life span. This also leads to more HIV-infected women having children, as ARTs...
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02 June 2021

Global analysis of neonatal care during the COVID-19 pandemic – a healthcare providers’ perspective

With COVID-19 disrupting neonatal health systems globally, a group of experts undertook a thematic analysis of healthcare providers’ experiences using a disseminated online survey. Results show high levels of stress...
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26 May 2021

Family Rooms in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) and Neonatal Outcomes.

Research shows important benefits of parental involvement in neonatal intensive care. Parents spending  time with their newborns and especially their engagement in skin-to-skin contact has positive impacts on cognitive development of...
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22 May 2021

Skin-to-skin contact between fathers and newborns improves their physiological parameters and wakefulness.

The common practice of separating infants from their parents after a caesarean section was put into question after a study showed that the skin-to-skin contact between the fathers and the...
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