Survey: Adults born preterm with respiratory dysfunction

Calling all adults born preterm: Help us shape the future of prematurity research!

EFCNI recently joined a project called “EMPOWER: Real-world patient research in prematurity and respiratory diseases” by Chiesi, a survey for adults born preterm. The survey aims to explore the perspective of patients with asthma, COPD or BPD who were born preterm to assess their awareness level of their medical history from an early age and to gather information about their interactions with various physicians.


EMPOWER project, adult born preterm calling for participation

Join the project:

Are you an adult born preterm who has experienced breathing problems, living in France, Spain, Germany, the UK, or the USA? Your voice can make a real difference to understanding and improving treatments for respiratory conditions linked to being born preterm:


*The EMPOWER project survey is initiated by Chiesi and supported by EFCNI.