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How parents can help reduce and manage procedural pain in the NICU

In the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), ill and preterm babies face a number of unpleasant and painful procedures, such as heel sticks to obtain blood samples, attachment and removal of EEG, or an eye examination. There are a number of methods how parents can help to reduce pain and anxiety in their baby, and a recent study from Finland1 examined the different methods, their benefits, and how widely they are practiced. In previous studies, non-pharmacological methods have been shown…
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Kangaroo sweaters for Hungarian hospital

Thanks to numerous donors, and with the support of Laura Bavalics on behalf of her husband PhD. Zack Boukydis' memory fund, we supplied the NICU in Miskolc, Hungary, with so called “Benjamin Kangaroo Sweaters”. These shirts facilitate skin-to-skin care by maintaining the mother’s mobility. They are designed to support safe and comfortable kangarooing even if the baby is connected to medical devices. In addition, they are equipped with small mirrors that enables the mother to watch her child’s face. Livia…
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Lighthouse project: a baby saving innovation – the Embrace infant warmer

One of our lighthouse projects in the field of Medical care is the Embrace warmer. It was designed to improve healthcare in low-resource settings to help vulnerable newborns survive and thrive. When infants are born preterm, they lack the body fat that is necessary to regulate their own temperature. As a consequence, room temperature can feel…
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