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Effects of growth differences during twin pregnancy on later life

Researchers from the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) in the Netherlands found that children who have received less nutrients during pregnancy compared to their identical twin sibling have a higher risk of developmental problems later in life. This disbalance in nutrient supply can be a health-related disadvantage affecting their entire life. Ten to 15 percent of twin pregnancies are characterised by an uneven distribution of the placenta. This means that one child receives a larger…
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Book review: „Infant Brain Development: Formation of the Mind and the Emergence of Consciousness“

This book by Professor Hugo Lagercrantz, gives a comprehensive, captivating and lively insight into the particularities of early childhood development and the consequences of brain disorders and malformations during different phases: before, during and after birth. Paediatrician and member of the EFCNI Scientific Advisory Board, Professor Lagercrantz, provides popular scientific explanations of early childhood brain development and combines them with clinical aspects. He shows how the child's brain develops in neonates and infants and explains the development of certain diseases.…
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PARCA-R: Screening of cognitive and language delay in preterm born infants

The standardisation on over 6000 infants of the PARCA-R for the screening of cognitive and language delay has just been published in the Lancet Child & Adolescence Health. 6000 infants at the age of 2 were tested in cognitive and language development. PARCA-R stands for Parent Report of Children’s Abilities-Revised. It is a parent completed questionnaire that can be used to assess children's cognitive and language development at 24 months of age. The PARCA-R is used as an outcome measure…
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