PARCA-R: Screening of cognitive and language delay in preterm born infants

The standardisation on over 6000 infants of the PARCA-R for the screening of cognitive and language delay has just been published in the Lancet Child & Adolescence Health. 6000 infants at the age of 2 were tested in cognitive and language development. PARCA-R stands for Parent Report of Children’s Abilities-Revised. It is a parent completed questionnaire that can be used to assess children’s cognitive and language development at 24 months of age. The PARCA-R is used as an outcome measure in research studies and as a screening tool in child development clinics.

How to access the questionnaire

The PARCA-R is available in 14 language versions with an online calculator to score to use for free. The questionnaire takes no more than 15 minutes to complete. A copy of the questionnaire and scoring instructions can be freely downloaded.

For further information on how to obtain a child’s standardised score and percentile rank and background information about PARCA-R, please visit:

Follow this link for the Lancet Child & Adolescence Health article: