Book review: „Infant Brain Development: Formation of the Mind and the Emergence of Consciousness“

This book by Professor Hugo Lagercrantz, gives a comprehensive, captivating and lively insight into the particularities of early childhood development and the consequences of brain disorders and malformations during different phases: before, during and after birth. Paediatrician and member of the EFCNI Scientific Advisory Board, Professor Lagercrantz, provides popular scientific explanations of early childhood brain development and combines them with clinical aspects. He shows how the child’s brain develops in neonates and infants and explains the development of certain diseases. Lagercrantz describes new insights into pain and stress in the unborn child and explains the consciousness of the newborn. This is an exciting read for everyone who wants to learn more about the infant’s brain professionally or out of private interest.

The book was published by Springer International Publishing and can be ordered in local bookstores and online via

eBook ISBN978-3-319-44845-9
Hardcover ISBN978-3-319-44843-5
Softcover ISBN978-3-319-83148-0