GLANCE – Global Alliance For Newborn Care

The new project website is now online

On the occasion of World Prematurity Day, the website of our latest global project GLANCE, which was launched in January 2019, went online!

Learn all you want to know about this project, its history, its vision and mission and get to know the founding and the committee members on 
There you will also find contact details and further information if you would like to join GLANCE.

GLANCE stands for Global Alliance for Newborn Care and aims to create, empower and support a global patient voice in each region of the world while taking into account the respective cultural, historical and socio-economic backgrounds and needs of families. This requires a multi-stakeholder approach in advocacy, education, research, campaigning and networking.

Therefore, the launch of the website was connected to the launch of the first project under the lead of GLANCE. The Global Call to Action for Newborn Care. At its first meeting this summer, the GLANCE Founding Committee elaborated this Global Call to Action for Newborn Care. In 8 demands, GLANCE calls for significant improvements in newborn and maternal care across the world. This means quality care for every woman and every baby, access to information and education for patients and professionals, and thorough research and data collection to advance evidence-based practices in medical care.

All information about the Call to Action can be found on the new website:

The Call to Action is available for download in 22 languages. Get your copy here…/call-to-action-material/

The Call to Action also provides a flyer which can be downloaded on the website – contact us for the print file at