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Book review: „Infant Brain Development: Formation of the Mind and the Emergence of Consciousness“

This book by Professor Hugo Lagercrantz, gives a comprehensive, captivating and lively insight into the particularities of early childhood development and the consequences of brain disorders and malformations during different phases: before, during and after birth. Paediatrician and member of the EFCNI Scientific Advisory Board, Professor Lagercrantz, provides popular scientific explanations of early childhood brain development and combines them with clinical aspects. He shows how the child's brain develops in neonates and infants and explains the development of certain diseases.…
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Funny Adventures of Twins: El Bebek Gul Bebek releases book to encourage parents and families of preterm children

Our partner organisation El Bebek Gul Bebek from Turkey released a new book called ‘Funny Adventures of Twins’. The book is a helpful resource for parents and families of preterm children, says Ilknur Okay, Chairwoman of El Bebek Gul Bebek: “Every preterm baby and their parents have a different, but generally difficult story. We, as parents who walked through this rocky path believe that with timely, proper care and love, the end of difficult times can be rewarding. ‘Funny Adventures…
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New book “A tiny little one” by Kevyt for parents of preterm children, families, friends, and relatives

The Finnish Association for Preemie Families, Kevyt, has published a book called Kevyt Pienokainen (A tiny little one). The book is meant for parents of preterm children, families, friends and relatives. It is also targeted for health care and education professionals, students, and researchers. The aim of the book is to give peer support and research-based information, as well as help to the professionals to understand the point of view of families. The book contains over 30 articles written by…
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