Asociatia Prematurilor visit Baby, Parent and Family Centres in Munich and Passau

In April 2019, Diana Gamulescu and Adina Clapa from the Romanian association Asociatia Prematurilor spent two days at the hospitals of “Kliniken Dritter Orden gGmbH” in Munich and Passau to visit the Parents, Baby and Family Centres. Each hospital provides thoughtfully equipped and cosy rooms for families whose babies require intensive neonatal care for a longer period of time. The rooms are all equipped with modern yet homely furniture, bed and a private bathroom with a shower. Recreational rooms as well as kitchens are designed to meet families in a similar situation to share feelings and thoughts. That way, parents can fully concentrate on the care of their baby and worry less about accommodation and journey to the hospital and back home. Prof. Dr Jochen Peters, Chief of the Department of Paediatrics in Munich, says that the loving care from parents and their closeness has a positive effect on the babies’ developmental process in combination with high-tech medical care. In addition, parents can always contact a broad team of doctors, nurses, social workers and psychologists, strengthening knowledge exchange, trust and wellbeing.

Diana Gamulescu and Adina Clapa were intrigued by the design of the wards, but also by the commitment and passion the medical staff display in their everyday work.  Diana says: “The visits at the neonatal intensive care units in Passau and Munich were inspiring; an excellent medical environment with great medical staff attitude regarding parent integration during their baby’s hospitalisations. To discover that the exceptional doctors I have met there believe that a parent present in the process of care is much more fruitful for all the parties involved is a great success. It is less traumatic for both the baby and the family in the long term. Success stories and medical examples and stories to follow and influence many, many generations ahead not only in these hospitals but also in other countries.”
In addition, Adina Clapa says: ”We are very grateful for the opportunity to visit neonatal intensive care units in Passau and Munich, where newborn care standards are applied at the highest level. We met the medical teams, the parents, and we learned from them how to be partners throughout the children’s hospitalization, with amazing results. It inspired us to push for changes to improve the health system in Romania. “

We would like to thank Prof. Dr Jochen Peters as well as his colleagues at Klinikum Dritter Orden München and Prof. Dr Matthias Keller, Dr Zeller, Dr Silaghy, and their colleagues at Kinderklinik Dritter Orden Passau for their time and dedication.

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