New book “A tiny little one” by Kevyt for parents of preterm children, families, friends, and relatives

The Finnish Association for Preemie Families, Kevyt, has published a book called Kevyt Pienokainen (A tiny little one). The book is meant for parents of preterm children, families, friends and relatives. It is also targeted for health care and education professionals, students, and researchers. The aim of the book is to give peer support and research-based information, as well as help to the professionals to understand the point of view of families.

The book contains over 30 articles written by researchers, professionals, parents, and by persons who were born preterm. It overviews the life of a preterm baby and his/her family starting from pregnancy and birth all the way to the adulthood.

The editorial board of Kevyt Pienokainen consisted of active members of Kevyt association and a professional member, doctor of psychology Sari Ahlqvist-Björkroth.

The book is written in Finnish. It is available as an online version and in print, please see (in Finnish).