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In paediatric and adolescent medicine, and particularly in neonatal medicine, doctors are often faced with the problem of resource savings in the health system. There is little awareness of specific aspects of neonatal medicine among decision-makers in the political and health systems.

Excellent care of preterm and newborn infants, in close cooperation with midwives in the first minutes of life, is crucial to their prognosis.
In order to guarantee this care, perinatal centres need highly trained, specialised neonatologists and midwives around the clock.

Would the decision-makers of an airline allow you to fly in a modern Airbus 380 with a pilot who gained his licence in a Cessna? Probably not.

This is where targeted lobbying for newborn infants and neonatal medicine is required. It is all the more successful when those who need care and those who provide it, i.e. parents and doctors, join forces and speak with one voice.

Therefore, the primary aim of this foundation is to facilitate cooperation and dialogue between parents and doctors of every national and international association in Europe with one common goal: to improve infant care regardless of internal politics. 

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