• Pre-conceptional and maternal care

    Implement targeted and effective pre-conception and maternal care based on equal accessibility
  • Treatment & Care

    Ensure high-quality treatment and care for preterm and newborn infants and their families
  • Continuing Care

    Improve the long-term health of preterm infants and newborns with illnesses as well as that of their families
  • Summer greetings

    Finally, it is summer and holiday time. Enjoy! 
  • A powerful network for newborn infants

  • Socks for Life

    Make a difference

    Join SOCKS FOR LIFE, a worldwide campaign where people join forces to raise awareness for preterm birth. 

    Find out how to make a difference in your country!

Preterm Birth

One of EFCNI‘s aims is to strengthen parents of preterm infants and sick newborns.
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Health Professionals

Preterm infants and ill newborns require care by a team of specially trained experts.
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Policy & Action

Interest Group on Maternal and Neonatal Health in the European Parliament.
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A Healthy Pregnancy - English Edition

We are happy to announce that our brochure "A Healthy Pregnancy" is now available in English and can be downloaded, like the German version, for free on our website. 

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Interview series on topics on newborn health

EFCNI Standards of Care for Newborn Health

Interview with Professor Gorm Greisen and Professor Jos Latour on Ethical-decision making and palliative care

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EFCNI visits The Dyson Centre for Neonatal Care in Bath

At the beginning of August, Silke Mader and Nicole Thiele from the EFCNI team had the great opportunity to...

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Starker Start für kleine Helden

EFCNI Welt-Frühgeborenen-Tag

EFCNI unterstützt Kliniken in Deutschland und Österreich bei der Organisation ihrer Veranstaltungen zum Welt-Frühgeborenen-Tag 2016.


World Prematurity Day

World Prematurity Day

"World Prematurity Day" is an awareness day on 17 November that honours preterm infants and their families. It was first celebrated by EFCNI and our partner parent organisations in 2009. 

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Socks for Life

Socks for Life is a worldwide campaign where people join forces and work in partnership to make a difference for preterm birth and its consequences for affected families.

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Conferences and Congresses

We provide a detailed calendar on conferences and congresses regarding newborn and maternal health. Do you have input for our calendar? Please contact info@efcni.org.   

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Collaboration Partners' Events

Evidence-based practices for very preterm infants

The British Medical Journal recently published latest study results from the population-based cohort EPICE (Effective Perinatal Intensive Care in Europe).

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