• Pre-conceptional and maternal care

    Implement targeted and effective pre-conception and maternal care based on equal accessibility
  • Treatment & Care

    Ensure high-quality treatment and care for preterm and newborn infants and their families
  • Continuing Care

    Improve the long-term health of preterm infants and newborns with illnesses as well as that of their families
  • A powerful network for newborn infants

Preterm Birth

One of EFCNI‘s aims is to strengthen parents of preterm or newborn infants with illnesses...
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Health Professionals

In paediatric and adolescent medicine, and particularly in neonatal medicine, doctors are...
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Policy & Action

Interest Group on Maternal and Neonatal Health in the European Parliament.
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A Healthy Pregnancy - English Edition

We are happy to announce that our brochure "A Healthy Pregnancy" is now available in English and can be downloaded, like the German version, for free on our website. 

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EFCNI’s next milestone project to minimise health inequalities in Europe

EFCNI Standards of Care for Newborn Health

On the occasion of the SOCKS FOR LIFE exhibition in the European Parliament in Brussels, the new EFCNI project Standards of Care for Newborn Health officially started.

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English Edition of A Healthy Pregnancy Brochure

EFCNI launches the English edition of the brochure “Healthy pregnancy. All that matters now.” on the occasion of the Int...

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EFCNI White Paper

EFCNI White Paper

„Caring for Tomorrow" is a starting-point and source of support on how to improve existing healthcare plans on maternal and newborn health.

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World Prematurity Day

World Prematurity Day

"World Prematurity Day" is an awareness day on November 17 that honours preterm infants and their families. It was first celebrated by EFCNI and our partner parents‘ organisations in 2009. 

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Study looked into teachers’ knowledge of long-term consequences of preterm birth


A new paper by Johnson and colleagues assessed teachers’ and educational psychologists’ knowledge and training about preterm birth and its long-term consequences in England.

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The European benchmarking report

Benchmark Report

„Too Little, Too Late - Why Europe should do more for preterm infants“ provides a compelling picture of the impact of preterm birth across 14 European countries.

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Collaboration Partners' Events


Ultrasound meets Magnetic Resonance

April 22 - 24, 2015 - Rome, Italy

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