Track your preterm baby’s milestones

Baby+ a baby tracking app for premature babies and their parents


Baby+, the popular baby tracking apps, is now offering new content particularly targeted at the questions and needs of parents of preterm babies. EFCNI is honoured to have supported the developers of the Baby+ app with 20 articles dedicated to this topic. Parents as well as family members or friends can now inform themselves about a wide range of questions concerning preterm birth via the mobile app.

Topics range from information about preterm birth, special nutritional needs of preterm babies, the rights of parents or how to bond with a baby in the NICU to name but a few.

With 1 baby out of 10 being a preterm baby, the app now acknowledges the large group of preterm parents and supports them in their journey.

The Baby+ app is available for free for iOS and Android and supports the following languages:

English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian and Italian. 

Watch the image video here