Warm welcome to Sanofi Pasteur as Premium Partner of EFCNI

© Sanofi

We are happy to announce that Sanofi Pasteur is joining forces with EFCNI for a new RSV-partnership. We are pleased to begin work with Sanofi and look forward to the collaboration!

Sanofi Pasteur comes to us with a focus on the prevention of Respiratory Syncytial Virus in all infants. As an organization, we have worked hard to address RSV in babies who are born at high risk – those born prematurely or with health conditions. But, we are learning that RSV is pervasive and unpredictable. In fact, all infants are at risk of RSV, as 90 percent of all infants are infected with RSV in the first two years of life and the majority of babies who are hospitalized due to RSV are otherwise healthy. What’s more, due to the disease’s unpredictability, it is difficult to know which infants will be most severely impacted.

We are pleased to begin our collaboration to raise awareness about the broad impact of RSV on all infants and to help educate families and healthcare providers to protect all infants worldwide.