Every Newborn – an action plan to end preventable deaths


On 3 September, the Every Newborn Action Plan (ENAP), a comprehensive, multi-partner initiative, launched its roadmap with their  new 2020-2025 targets to end preventable stillbirths and newborn deaths in a digital live event.

With this plan, they call on all stakeholders to take action to improve access to services and the quality of care for all pregnant women and newborns. ENAP was endorsed by 194 countries at the World Health Assembly in 2014 an developed this roadmap to set out recommendations for countries on how to reduce mortality and morbidity and to close gaps in equity accompanied by specific goals for reducing mortality, coverage targets and milestones by 2030, with reviews in 2020 and 2025. To accelerate progress in reaching global targets for reducing newborn mortality and stillbirths by 2030, the Every Newborn management team, chaired by WHO and UNICEF, reviewed the coverage of interventions up to 2020 for attaining universal health coverage by 2025 in order to determine new coverage targets for the period 2020–2025. The milestones set in the Every Newborn Action Plan to 2020 were reviewed and updated to guide progress between 2020 and 2025. 

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