A new milestone – combining the knowledge of medical experts and parent representatives. Survive and Thrive: transforming care for every small and sick newborn is now available.

The WHO and UNICEF report is a milestone: it describes, key findings in aspects of newborn care, which require a high amount of attention. 94 experts from 16 countries worked on the report, amongst them EFCNI and colleagues from partnering parent organisations. Charlotte Bouvard from Sos Préma, Ilein Bolaños Gonzalez from Con Amor Venceras, Selina Bentoom from the African Foundation for Premature Babies & Neonatal Care – AFPNC and Livia Nagy from Melletted a helyem Egyesület, could actively contribute.

The key message this report brings across is, that if we want to reach universal health coverage by 2030, one of the health related Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) set by the United Nations (UN), then we have to shift focus onto five important key aspects. For one, a universal transformation of the healthcare sector has to take place, in order to reduce children’s mortality linked to preventable causes by insufficient treatments or poorly equipped environments. Secondly, providing a proper follow-up care for those who suffered in beginning of their lives. Giving them a chance to thrive. Thirdly, universal transformation of social norms and innovations, designed for a specific locality and purpose, in a cost-effective way. Also, providing unrestricted access to healthcare facilities is a key factor in saving lives. Fairly investing in healthcare provides this chance. Last but not least, sufficient, reliable and consistent data collection is crucial for detecting trends or changes in outcome and measuring implemented actions. Using existing data more efficiently is also an important step forward to the betterment of care of ill and premature born children.

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