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A new milestone – combining the knowledge of medical experts and parent representatives. Survive and Thrive: transforming care for every small and sick newborn is now available.

The WHO and UNICEF report is a milestone: it describes, key findings in aspects of newborn care, which require a high amount of attention. 94 experts from 16 countries worked on the report, amongst them EFCNI and colleagues from partnering parent organisations. Charlotte Bouvard from Sos Préma, Ilein Bolaños Gonzalez from Con Amor Venceras, Selina Bentoom from the African Foundation for Premature Babies & Neonatal Care – AFPNC and Livia Nagy from Melletted a helyem Egyesület, could actively contribute. The…
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Survive and Thrive: WHO report on transforming care for newborns is now available

After a thorough researching, writing and editing process, the report “Survive and Thrive; Transforming care for small and sick newborns” has finally been launched and published! Last December, the Key Findings were already presented and at the World Health Assembly in May this year apanel discussion was held to talk about pressing issues in newborn care, the report presented. 94 experts from 16 countries have been working on this document and we are honoured and thrilled that EFCNI, together with…
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Standards of Care for Small and Sick Newborns Report: EFCNI participates in WHO meeting

To benefit from expert input in order to finalise the report on Transforming Care for Every Small and Sick Newborn, the World Health Organization (WHO) has hosted a three-day technical meeting in April on Standards of Care for Small and Sick Newborns in Geneva, Switzerland.  One crucial objective of the meeting was to take neonatal nursing, nurturing care and human rights as they apply to newborn care into consideration. We are thrilled that EFCNI had been invited to participate in…
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