New parent organisation in our network – A warm welcome to Preemie Connect

A warm welcome to Preemie Connect, a new parent organisation that joined our network!

Preemie connect is founded and run by Tasmin Bota, the mother of a baby born preterm in South Africa. Together with EFCNI’s and GLANCE’s long-term partner the African Foundation for Premature Babies and Neonatal Care (AFPNC) she hosted her first event for World Prematurity Day in 2018 and has been advocating for parental involvement since then. “Hosting that event allowed me to see just how many people are affected by prematurity but also how many people don’t know anything about prematurity, especially in Africa”, Tasmin Bota states and introduces Preemie Connect as a support group for families affected by preterm birth.

The organisation wants to offer parents a safe place to go, where they can receive support from people who have walked the same path and concurrently to raise awareness in order to achieve that preterm birth no longer is a taboo subject. “Setting up Glance has shown me just how serious and important the organisation [EFCNI] takes parental involvement. Something we are all, always advocating for, because we know and have seen the difference it makes in a preemie’s health. I would love to be a part of this revolutionary movement, so that generations to come will not have to go through nearly half the things we have, as parents of preemies.”

Thank you Tasmin Bota for that wonderful statement and your passionate commitment. We are happy that with you, our global network is growing further. It’s great to have you with us.

For more Information about Preemie Connect visit: or Instagram @PreemieConnect.

To contact Preemie Connect use the following E-Mail address: