Funny Adventures of Twins: El Bebek Gul Bebek releases book to encourage parents and families of preterm children

Our partner organisation El Bebek Gul Bebek from Turkey released a new book called ‘Funny Adventures of Twins’. The book is a helpful resource for parents and families of preterm children, says Ilknur Okay, Chairwoman of El Bebek Gul Bebek:

“Every preterm baby and their parents have a different, but generally difficult story. We, as parents who walked through this rocky path believe that with timely, proper care and love, the end of difficult times can be rewarding. ‘Funny Adventures of Twins’ has been written by Mr Ahmet Ozyigit, a preemie father. As parents of Ali and Cem, they never gave up and kept doing their best to enable their sons to reach their full potential. The author wrote the book especially for children who were either born preterm themselves, are experiencing health problems, or who have a friend who was born preterm.  At El Bebek Gul Bebek, we always believe in sharing our stories, so both the English and Turkish versions are supported by our organisation. The revenues of the book sale are donated to El Bebek, but still the book is downloadable on our web site free of charge, to spread the word on a large scale. “

The book can be accessed here (website of El Bebek Gul Bebek)

It is currently available in Turkish and English, but the author is open for further translations. If you are interested in translating the book, please get in contact with the organisation El Bebek Gul Bebek via