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Funny Adventures of Twins: El Bebek Gul Bebek releases book to encourage parents and families of preterm children

Our partner organisation El Bebek Gul Bebek from Turkey released a new book called ‘Funny Adventures of Twins’. The book is a helpful resource for parents and families of preterm children, says Ilknur Okay, Chairwoman of El Bebek Gul Bebek: “Every preterm baby and their parents have a different, but generally difficult story. We, as parents who walked through this rocky path believe that with timely, proper care and love, the end of difficult times can be rewarding. ‘Funny Adventures…
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Lighthouse Project: Mother-baby bonding support rooms in Istanbul

A guest article by Ilknur Okay from El Bebek Gül Bebek Idea: To provide as best and often as possible contact between mothers and preterm babies Steps of implementation After El Bebek Gül Bebek decided to install a mother-baby bonding room in a public hospital, we approached the Istanbul Medicine Faculty Hospital, one of the major university hospitals in Turkey. We had meetings with the professors of the neonatology department, NICU nurses and visiting mothers to understand their needs and…
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