23 April 2020 / GLANCE, news

Meet the GLANCE Chair Committee

EFCNI is honoured to announce the first GLANCE Chair Committee (link opens on GLANCE website). It is a geographically diverse Committee which follows a multi-stakeholder and interdisciplinary approach. The following...
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23 April 2020 / news

Retinopathy Of Prematurity: Keep up the screening process, even in difficult times – An interview with Professor Doctor Andreas Stahl

In times of self-isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic, concerned parents are often uncertain whether they should take their babies to screening and follow-up appointments. Retinopathy of Prematurity is an eye...
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22 April 2020 / news

The little hero’s house – a holistic follow-up concept from the Netherlands

A guest article by Dr Angelique Haringsma and Hiltje Heyman The idea was born along the football field. Our sons were in the same team and we were not only...
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24 March 2020 / news

COVID-19 – Possible risks during pregnancy: An interview with Doctor Dietmar Schlembach

Doctor Schlembach, does it make sense to test every pregnant woman for corona? No, that is not necessary. Screening recommendations vary from country to country, so please check the recommendations...
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09 March 2020 / GLANCE

GLANCE: Global Call to Action for Newborn Care – Japan is taking action

In November 2019, the Global Call to Action for Newborn Care was published. In 8 political demands, the Call to Action strives to advance the care for babies born too...
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09 March 2020 / news

COVID-19 – Risks for preterm born infants: An interview with Professor Doctor Christoph Bührer

COVID-19 and its distribution is on everyone‘s lips and speculations run high. Especially older people and persons with a pre-existing medical condition appear to be develop a serious illness more...
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05 March 2020 / news

Workshop: Implementation of the European Standards of Care for Newborn Health

What can be done to implement the European Standards of Care for Newborn Health (ESCNH)? This is a question that does not only concern EFCNI but also national parent organisations....
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04 March 2020 / news

International Conference on Human Milk Science and Innovation (ICHMSI)

EFCNI partnered the first ICHMSI that was held in Europe , during which EFCNI’s Chairwoman Silke Mader shared her personal story in a presentation about enteral nutrition and long-term outcomes...
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03 February 2020 / news

11 Months – 11 Topics – 1 Goal

In its 5th year, our communication campaign 11 Months – 11 Topics continues to provide overviews on the 11 different standard topics but will also offer new, interactive features that...
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02 February 2020 / GLANCE, news

EFCNI’s global initiative The Global Alliance for Newborn Care – GLANCE – is taking shape

One year ago, we went public about the founding of GLANCE, the Global Alliance for Newborn Care for the first time and shared the news about this big endeavour with...
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