02 June 2021

Global analysis of neonatal care during the COVID-19 pandemic – a healthcare providers’ perspective

With COVID-19 disrupting neonatal health systems globally, a group of experts undertook a thematic analysis of healthcare providers’ experiences using a disseminated online survey. Results show high levels of stress...
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01 June 2021

EUPATI welcomes a new fellow: congrats to Livia Nagy

The European Patients’ Academy (EUPATI) was established in 2012 as a pan-European project. It is a programme that provides education and training to patients and patient representatives to increase their...
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25 May 2021

Preterm birth – how can communication be improved with parents?

Shock, trauma, grief, vulnerability, worry – these are just a few words to describe how parents of preterm born babies feel when faced with the often unexpected situation of the...
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22 April 2021

Supporting Kangaroo Care across Ukraine

We want to take the opportunity to congratulate our partner parent organisation in Ukraine, “Ranni Ptashky – Early Birds” on another successfully completed project to improve the situation of preterm...
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21 April 2021

Paediatric clinical trials: industry and non-industry bringing different strengths together

Clinical trials are an essential part of advancing knowledge and improving healthcare worldwide. Advances in paediatric research across the globe to improve the lives of babies, children and young people...
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25 March 2021

Making infant- and family-centred developmental care a reality – constructions for a family room well underway at Dritter Orden hospital in Munich

Implementing infant- and family-centred developmental care at hospitals not only depends on the staff’s support of more inclusive practices. It also requires physical changes in how buildings are constructed and...
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24 March 2021

Pregnancy and childbirth in times of COVID-19: Parent organisation “Ranni Ptashky – Early Birds” launches webinar series in Ukraine

The global COVID-19 pandemic has posed particular challenges to families around the world, especially those who had or are expecting a baby in the midst of it. Hospitals put safety...
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23 March 2021

Neonatal Nurses Association (NNA) gathers high-level experts on virtual conference

As the pandemic continues and conferences and workshops are still being held digitally the Neonatal Nurses Associations pulled off a virtual conference with a great line up of sessions and...
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24 February 2021

FINE trainings in Hungary: How to train medical staff in times of a pandemic

A guest article by Livia Nagy Every year more than 8,000 newborns begin their lives in premature intensive care units of different levels in Hungary. The pillars of family-centred care...
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24 February 2021

High Accolades for Asociatia Prematurilor in Romania

We are so pleased to hear that our partner organisation in Romania, Asociatia Prematurilor (The Romanian Association of Premature Babies), has been awarded the Civil Solidarity Prize by the European...
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