28 July 2021


European Association of Perinatal Medicine honours Professor Giuseppe Buonocore We congratulate Professor Giuseppe Buonocore on receiving the Maternity Prize, which is presented every two years at the European Congress of...
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27 July 2021

Business Woman Award goes to EFCNI PAB member Oleksandra Balyasna

Business for preterm infants convinces the jury For the third time the French-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFU) awarded outstanding women for their business concepts. This year, out of...
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06 July 2021

Promoting good practice in newborn temperature regulation: Dr. Alok Sharma’s story

Prelude The mother was in preterm labour and the baby was about to be born at 24 weeks. As a consultant neonatologist at Southampton University Hospital, this was not an...
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29 June 2021

Ein Schritt auf dem Weg in ein gesundes Leben – Impfen in der Schwangerschaft

Die COVID-19-Pandemie hat in den letzten Monaten auch das Thema „Impfen“ wieder stärker in das Bewusstsein der Öffentlichkeit gebracht. Nach einer intensiven Entwicklungs- und Testphase sind nun einige Impfstoffe auf...
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03 June 2021

Association between maternal HIV infection and preterm birth

The treatment of HIV with antiretroviral therapies (ARTs) has improved people’s quality of life and extended their life span. This also leads to more HIV-infected women having children, as ARTs...
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02 June 2021

Global analysis of neonatal care during the COVID-19 pandemic – a healthcare providers’ perspective

With COVID-19 disrupting neonatal health systems globally, a group of experts undertook a thematic analysis of healthcare providers’ experiences using a disseminated online survey. Results show high levels of stress...
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01 June 2021

EUPATI welcomes a new fellow: congrats to Livia Nagy

The European Patients’ Academy (EUPATI) was established in 2012 as a pan-European project. It is a programme that provides education and training to patients and patient representatives to increase their...
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25 May 2021

Preterm birth – how can communication be improved with parents?

Shock, trauma, grief, vulnerability, worry – these are just a few words to describe how parents of preterm born babies feel when faced with the often unexpected situation of the...
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22 April 2021

Supporting Kangaroo Care across Ukraine

We want to take the opportunity to congratulate our partner parent organisation in Ukraine, “Ranni Ptashky – Early Birds” on another successfully completed project to improve the situation of preterm...
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21 April 2021

Paediatric clinical trials: industry and non-industry bringing different strengths together

Clinical trials are an essential part of advancing knowledge and improving healthcare worldwide. Advances in paediatric research across the globe to improve the lives of babies, children and young people...
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