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Listening to the fathers of twins – Being sensitive to fathers’ needs in maternity and child healthcare

Currently, the number of twin births worldwide is higher than ever before. For parents, this can be challenging. So far, research has mostly focused on mothers and their experiences. However, fathers of twins also face special challenges – like establishing an early bond and interaction with both children. In addition, having more than one child of the same age also means multiplied responsibilities in childcare. Therefore, fathers of multiples must often adapt to…
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Effects of growth differences during twin pregnancy on later life

Researchers from the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) in the Netherlands found that children who have received less nutrients during pregnancy compared to their identical twin sibling have a higher risk of developmental problems later in life. This disbalance in nutrient supply can be a health-related disadvantage affecting their entire life. Ten to 15 percent of twin pregnancies are characterised by an uneven distribution of the placenta. This means that one child receives a larger…
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