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Examining the most common risk factors for preterm birth (PTB): Can artificial intelligence predict PTB?

For healthcare professionals, it can be difficult to assess the risk of PTB because risk factors can vary from one woman to another. Women who have already been pregnant (parous women) have different and additional risk factors than those in their first pregnancy (nulliparous women). In addition, there are individual aspects to consider. Therefore, machine learning models can serve as screening tools and help clinicians to assess the individual woman’s risk factors, even…
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Relation between vaginal hygiene practices and spontaneous preterm birth

Researchers from the Netherlands wanted to find out if there is an association between vaginal hygiene practices before and during pregnancy and spontaneous preterm birth. As one of the results, the study suggests that there is a relation between the use of vaginal gel and spontaneous preterm birth. Therefore, a new potential risk factor could have been discovered with this research, and women should be informed about it. Every year, one in ten babies is…
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