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Preventing preterm births in Romania: new project by Asociatia Prematurilor

Asociatia Prematurilor, one of our collaboration partners in Romania, started a new project called ‘Caravan for pregnant women and mothers at risk’. The objective is to prevent preterm births in the country by providing preventive medical check-ups for pregnant women from disadvantaged areas in Romania. The initiative aims to evaluate and monitor pregnant women in ten disadvantaged localities in Romania, with a high infant mortality. Therefore, a mobile caravan accompanied by two doctors,…
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RSV – a respiratory virus that can become dangerous for preterm babies

Interview with Prof Luc J.I. Zimmermann Prof. Zimmermann, in adults, how does a typical course of infection with RSV look like and how frequent is it? RSV infections are very common, and, just like the influenza virus, RSV appears during flu season, in the coldest and wettest months of the year. In healthy adults, an RSV infection shows only mild symptoms similar to the common cold, like a running nose or a sore throat, and normally does not need to…
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