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Family reflections: preterm birth and the power of parent involvement in research

In a heart-touching testimony that emphasises the power of patient and family involvement in neonatal research, Fabiana Bacchini's journey with her preterm-born child leads to significant insights into the care of preterm infants beyond hospital walls. Her story underscores the critical role parents play not only in their child's immediate well-being but also in driving long-term positive outcomes for the whole neonatal community. In her article, Fabiana Bacchini, a resilient mother of twins…
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A pressing need for research to reduce nutritional uncertainties in preterm infant care: Findings from a European roundtable discussion with parent representatives

Clinical uncertainties regarding best practices on preterm nutrition will be addressed in a future randomised control trial. However, researchers first sought the views and experiences of parents of preterm babies and adults born preterm to consider them during the study design. The results of two roundtable discussions showed strong support for further research but also revealed variation in participants' knowledge about research trials and in information provided to parents during a baby's hospital stay. Researchers…
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