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Expert Roundtable on Human Milk Regulation in the EU

On 3 June, a group of interdisciplinary and international high-level experts in the field of human milk joined our digital roundtable on “Human Milk Regulation”. The aim of the meeting was to explore and discuss the need for a harmonised regulatory approach of human milk in the European Union. Silke Mader (Chairwoman EFCNI) and Professor Enrico Bertino (President EMBA) welcomed the group and thanked for the engagement to join the project, followed by an introduction to the work of EFCNI.…
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Series of RECAP cohorts – part 4: the NTNU Low Birth Weight Life study from Norway

In our  series about cohorts of the EU-funded project „Research on European Children and Adults born Preterm“ (RECAP preterm), we presented the Project Extreme Prematurity (PEP) from Norway. We are thrilled to share a second example from Norway with you, the Low Birth Weight Life study of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Principal investigator Kari Anne I. Evensen, Associate Professor at the NTNU, told us what this study is all about.  The NTNU Low Birth Weight in…
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