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Perinatal palliative care: Giving parents support when a pregnancy goes wrong

Interview with Dr Fauzia Paize Perinatal palliative care (PPC) is a fairly new subspecialty within palliative care. What are the main ideas behind this new concept? Dr Paize: Healthcare professionals working in antenatal and neonatal services are accustomed to providing babies and families with sophisticated expert care using high levels of technical skills, communication and knowledge. However, there is a growing need for them to provide a palliative care approach throughout the pathways, which means a shifting of emphasis, ensuring…
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Working with loss in Ukraine

A guest article by Oleksandra Balyasna from the Ukrainian parent organisation Early Birds. Talking about pregnancy losses and child death is very complicated. It is considered to be a taboo topic in Ukraine. Discussing such a delicate topic and asking openly for a support from others is not part of the Slavic culture. Most of the mothers respectively families tend to deal with their pain by themselves, or at the maximum extend to share the trauma within the closest family.…
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