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Perinatal palliative care: Giving parents support when a pregnancy goes wrong

Interview with Dr Fauzia Paize Perinatal palliative care (PPC) is a fairly new subspecialty within palliative care. What are the main ideas behind this new concept? Dr Paize: Healthcare professionals working in antenatal and neonatal services are accustomed to providing babies and families with sophisticated expert care using high levels of technical skills, communication and knowledge. However, there is a growing need for them to provide a palliative care approach throughout the pathways, which means a shifting of emphasis, ensuring…
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Lighthouse Project: Palliative Care and grief counselling in Peri- und Neonatology

New guiding principles published - a remarkable project in the field of "Ethical decision-making and palliative care" a guest article by Katarina Eglin from the German Federal association "Das frühgeborene Kind" e.V. Terminal care and grief counselling always act as part at neonatal care facilities when children are either born very preterm or seriously ill. However, so far there wasn’t a suitable recommendation for action in the German speaking countries, which provides guidance for the healthcare team to deal professionally…
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Lighthouse Project: the neonatal butterfly project – support for grieving parents and guidance for health professionals

July is the month where we shed light on the complex and sensitive topic of ethical decision making and palliative care in neonatology and obstetrics. One outstanding project as part of this monthly topic, is the pioneer work of the neonatal butterfly project, a group of nurses, doctors and other academics, working with parents who have experienced the loss of their baby on a neonatal unit. However, the project does not…
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