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Heatwave-related preterm births (PTBs) linked to human capital losses in China

A recent study in China combined health impact and economic assessment methods to evaluate heatwave-related PTBs burden in dimensions of health, human capital and economic costs. Simulated scenarios showed that about a quarter (25.8%) of heatwave-related PTBs per year on average can be attributed to climate change, which in turn results in human capital losses of estimated $1 billion costs. These findings emphasize once again strict climate mitigation policies and are a strong call…
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Parent-support intervention in end-of-life-care at a neonatal intensive care unit in China

A study conducted at a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) in China investigated the impact of parental involvement in the end-of-life-care (EOLC) of their preterm infants on parental depression and satisfaction with their child’s medical treatment. Parents who received the intervention spent time caring for their newborn in the final days of the infant’s life and experienced lower levels of depression and greater satisfaction with the care provided than those who opted for standard EOLC.…
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