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Expecting or new preemie parents? These apps are for you

A pregnancy and baby tracking app packed with content around preterm birth Tracking your own pregnancy and the development of your baby is exciting. For some years now, apps have intensified this experience, telling you how much your baby has grown, which organs are currently developing and even providing 3D images of what your baby could look like! However, for women whose pregnancy is different from the norm (for example due to complications…
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New baby? New app!

Saving precious moments on new Baby+ app It is a very convenient and also fun way to keep track on your pregnancy and your baby’s development using digital tools. The new Baby+ app provides parents with insightful and helpful information, a wide range of trackers, such as height, weight, sleeping and feeding patterns. So far so good, however it also comes with informative articles, guides and lullabies and it is also possible to track multiple babies, siblings for instance, at…
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EFCNI supports study by c4c research collaboration on paracetamol in preterm babies

Since last year, EFCNI has been involved as a third party representing the voice of patients and parents in the new conect4children (c4c) consortium, a research collaboration to build a European paediatric clinical trial network that aims to facilitate the development of new drugs and other therapies for the entire paediatric population. c4c now announced that it selected its first portfolio of pan-European paediatric studies aimed at advancing the understanding of high priority medicines commonly used in babies, children, and young people in Europe.…
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