Expecting or new preemie parents? These apps are for you

© Amina Filkins/Pexels

A pregnancy and baby tracking app packed with content around preterm birth

Tracking your own pregnancy and the development of your baby is exciting. For some years now, apps have intensified this experience, telling you how much your baby has grown, which organs are currently developing and even providing 3D images of what your baby could look like!

However, for women whose pregnancy is different from the norm (for example due to complications or preterm birth) such apps might not be exactly tailored to these needs or experiences. That’s why we have worked together with our long-term partner, Philips to produce new content for their Baby+ and Pregnancy+ apps, focusing specifically on the topic of preterm birth.
For Pregnancy+ we’ve developed articles around questions like “Can certain habits or lifestyle choices increase the chances for preterm labour?“, “What influence does nutrition have on the course of pregnancy?“, and “How can I prepare for preterm birth if I am diagnosed as a high risk patient?“

Likewise, we have provided Baby+ with articles specifically for parents of preterm babies. Topics include the development of preterm babies, how a baby born preterm should best be positioned for sleeping and options for breastfeeding as a preemie mum. Now, parents of preterm babies and pregnant women who expect to give birth prematurely no longer have to search for a special app, but can use one of the most established services available in this area – with content available in 19 languages.

“Supporting millions of parents-to-be worldwide with our Pregnancy+ app, we are delighted that through our collaboration with EFCNI we can offer the latest information regarding preterm births. With 15 million babies born preterm every year, we are committed to delivering high-quality, personalised content to parents that is specifically designed to tackle myths and concerns surrounding preterm birth. It is our mission to support and empower expectant mothers at all stages of pregnancy and birth, in every step of their journey towards parenthood.”
(Amber Vodegel, Founder of Pregnancy+ and Baby+, Digital Innovation Growth Advisor at Philips)

It makes us happy to see the needs and concerns of preemie parents considered and included in these apps. With 15 million babies born preterm each year worldwide, preterm birth is not a rare phenomenon, and the preterm birth rate is rising. It is important to provide parents with easy access to information around this topic, reducing the stigma that still exists in relation to preterm birth.

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