Socks for Life

What is Socks for Life?

Socks for Life is a worldwide and year-round campaign to raise awareness for preterm birth, while at the same time working in partnership to improve the situation and to make a difference for preterm babies, their families, and the care team around the infant.

By uniting all the voices and visualising all the activities, initiatives, events taking place around the world, this campaign will show the impact that is being made and empower all those joining in.

Socks for Life is an initiative by EFCNI and national parent organisations around the world, powered by EFCNI. The umbrella campaign was initiated in 2013, kindly supported by the medical and safety technology company Dräger. Special thanks to Dräger for supporting the campaign from 2013 to 2015.

Who can join?

Everyone is warmly invited to join Socks for Life. Together we are strong and any activity, however small it may seem helps to make a difference and improves the situation for preterm babies and their families.

Individuals, non-profit-organisations, parent organisations, societies, companies, hospitals, health care professionals, researchers, politicians, media: Everybody who wishes to help preterm infants can plan activities.

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