PUFA-Webinar: Recording is now online

The webinar “Polyunsaturated fatty acid supply during the first 1000 days – can the controversies be resolved?” was hosted by the Child Health Foundation (Stiftung Kindergesundheit), jointly with the European Academy of Paediatrics (@EAP) and the European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants (EFCNI).

EFCNI Chairwoman Silke Mader, had the great opportunity to be part of this set of speakers and talked about parents’ expectations of evaluating food for infants. She emphasized how important the first two years in a child’s life are to ensure optimal growth and development through optimal feeding. Also addressed were the topics of “DHA supply in pregnancy and the risk of preterm birth” as well as the question: “should infant formula provide only DHA, or DHA with arachidonic acid?”

The recording of the webinar which took place in July, is now available for free on the following website: .