New Romanian Project called “Purple Pages”


Let us introduce you Unu si Unu Association’s new project PURPEL PAGES (Ro: PAGINI MOV), Our partner parent organisation from Romania, has launched this project, to help parents find the best recovery centres for their children. PURPLE PAGES works a s a search platform that facilitates to find adequate follow-up centres. As there is no integrated system for follow up care for afflicted children in Romania, the aim was to create an information pool that also provides parents with some guidance to ease the search for the best recovery programme.

The platform offers an advanced filter system that allows to search by multiple criteria such as private or state centres, age of the child, city, region, therapy or medical check-up and paid services or free services. It also gives parents the opportunity to review centres or therapists in order to facilitate the search for other families or get inspired by the multitude of therapies listed and learn about new treatment options.

Unu si Unu Association has been working on this project for the last two years and got supported by students from the University in Bucharest as well as artist Iulia Trif. Doctors and parents were asked for their feedback and recommendations and thus have contributed to the platform with their own experience. The platform grows continuously and will also provide material covering child recovery in the near future.

For more information about that project and the organisation Unu si Unu please visit their website at: