New campaign material available

With our Zero separation campaign, launched in July, we want to raise awareness for the importance of infant and family centred developmental care also with regards to COVID-19-precautions.

Especially in times of a pandemic, in which the population’s focus circulates around this dominating topic, it is important to also be aware of other respiratory infections such as RSV . With the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) season starting in many countries these days, the Zero separation campaign dedicates October and November to the topic of lung health, the possible long-term consequences of lung diseases and the importance of preventive measures. During these two months we will be addressing several topics concerning RSV and provide graphics and further social media campaign material  that is available in 28 languages and can be used for your own social media communication.

The material provides information for parents, features expert statements and recommendations and can be downloaded from our GLANCE Website :