11 Months – 11 Topics – 1 Goal

In its 5th year, our communication campaign 11 Months – 11 Topics continues to provide overviews on the 11 different standard topics but will also offer new, interactive features that shall support the dissemination and implementation process. 

The campaign 11 Months – 11 Topics took off in 2016 and aims at reaching out explicitly to health professionals and policymakers. Yet, also laypersons who are to benefit from the dissemination of the standards, in the long run, namely the preterm babies and their parents, relatives, and friends are addressees of 11 Month 11 Topics. With this campaign, extensive information and best practice examples are shared to raise awareness of the needs of preterm patients and hence, for standards of care.

In 2020, the campaign will provide new features like the key demand for newborn health and insights from the toolkit, Shaping the future. Combining forces to improve newborn health.  Also, the Lighthouse projects will return, shared best practice examples from all over Europe, showing where and how the standards had been successfully implemented. 

The campaign kicks off in February, so stay tuned for updates and visit our project website: