The 10th International Conference on Clinical Neonatology (ICCN) will take place in Turin, Italy & Online from 21-23 May 2022.

Saturday, 21 May 2021:

12:00 – 18:30: A pre-conference course on viral respiratory infections in infants is given by Prof Louis Bont (Netherlands), Prof Paolo Manzoni (Italy),  and Prof Eugenio Baraldi (Italy) on the topic of:

  • RSV and new monoclonals
  • Maternal vaccinations for RSV: Where are we?
  • Antivirals for RSV
  • Neonatal Covid-19 – An update
  • Covid-19 in infants: Is it dangerous?
  • Covid-19 vaccines for infants and children


16:00 – 17:00: Branded Symposium (AstraZeneca)

  • Title: “Real World Experience with Palivizumab against Respiratory Syncytial Virus infection: A Heritage of Immunoprophylaxis since 1998”
  • Speaker: Manuel Sanchez Luna, Spain
  • Duration: 60 Min


Monday, 23 May 2022: Branded Symposium (AstraZeneca)

  • Title: “Current scientific evidence on the long-term impact of Palivizumab immunoprophylaxis in infants”
  • Speaker: Eugenio Baraldi, Italy
  • Duration: 30 Min


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